What are Coilovers?

“Coilovers” is an industry term almost always used to describe a full shock and spring replacement that provides, at the very least, adjustable ride height for your vehicle. Coilovers are one of the most popular and most essential modifications when customizing your project car or improving your race car. Instead of having to hassle with lowering springs which requires the risky compression and removal of factory springs followed by the replacement with the new items, a Coilover suspension system is as simple as removing the factory shock and spring assembly and installing the new adjustable kit. Fortune Auto Coilovers offer a wide range of ride height possibilities from around 1” lower than stock at their highest safest setting all the way to as much as 5” lower than stock. Many “budget” Coilover systems only provide adjustable ride height but, all Fortune Auto Coilover systems provide adjustable damping adjustment as well. Damping is the force of the shock, how soft or firm it is. By adjusting the damping setting, you control how stiff or forgiving your vehicle rides. All cars look better lower, we can all agree on that. But with great looks comes great responsibility. The suspension is what connects everything in and on your car, including you, to the wheels and tires. Poor quality suspension or improper suspension setup can result in the car performing or feeling worse than it did before anything was changed. At Fortune Auto, all of our suspension systems are built in-house to very particular specifications to ensure improved ride quality, performance, and longevity. To learn more about the tedious assembly process of Fortune Auto Coilovers, check out this video and take a tour of our facility!