Fortune Auto PRO Caster + Camber Plates

Our new PRO Caster + Camber Plates provide adjustable camber and, for some applications, caster adjustment for your vehicle. Made right here in the USA at our Richmond, VA facility, these CNC Machined Aluminum components are anodized in our iconic Competition Development Blue. Camber is adjustable as it is with all of our MacPherson applications which gives the driver the power to dial in the balance of cornering grip and tire wear. The added and/or adjustable caster increases straight line tracking, high speed stability, and corner effectiveness making them an ideal addition to an existing Fortune Auto suspension setup for high performance builds and track vehicles.

Currently, the PRO Caster + Camber Plates are available for an array of Subaru models. For these applications, the plates add 1 additional degree of fixed caster. Just recently, they were released for the S550 Mustang with adjustable caster. As testing and development continues, more applications will be released.

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