Custom, Modular, Rebuildable

One of the most beneficial results of designing and hand-building our Coilovers is the modularity. Modular means the components that make up a Fortune Auto Coilover system can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged between different kits. Simplify that? Ok. That means, your existing 500 Series Coilovers can be upgraded into 510 Series, Dreadnought Pro 2 or 3 Ways, or even have our Air Piston Lift System added. That’s right; there’s no need to purchase a whole new set of Coilovers every time you want to change things up! So often, vehicles are built and modified in stages and we recognize that. If it’s a rebuild for heavier spring rates, a more capable setup for the track, or just some normally scheduled maintenance work; all of these services are performed by the same team that built your Coilovers to begin with in-house here in Richmond, VA.

• Fortune Auto 500 Series to 510 Series or Dreadnought Pro 2 or 3 Way

• Fortune Auto 510 Series to Dreadnought Pro 2 or 3 Way

• Fortune Auto Pro 2 Way to 3 Way
-Fortune Auto Air Piston Lift System (if applicable) can be added to all models listed above)

An Introduction to Fortune Auto #handbuilt4me